Wednesday, January 16, 2008 really bug me.

I just have to say this to Obama and Edwards "Hey! Jerks. If you don't have the STONES to defy party rules in favor of what's best for The People and Democracy, you aren't so much LEADERS as party lackies ."

I'm a little pissed. I voted in the pointless Michigan primaries yesterday. Why pointless? Because Michigan has been stripped of its delegates for the Democratic candidate selection.

Michigan was sick of Iowa and New Hampshire being the states that effectively chose the candidates, saying that the states had way too much influence on the process. So Michigan decided it would have its primaries earlier, in violation of the Democratic Party rules. I might add that it also violated the Republican rules. While the Republican party somehow managed to work things out so that candidates could still do the Michigan primaries, the Democrat party did not. No. They stripped Michigan of its delegates and told party candidates not to campaign in Michigan or run in the primaries.

But as it turns out, just about everybody but Obama and Edwards ignored the marching orders and appeared on the ballot anyway. I voted for one of them. Sure I like Edwards and Obama. But they chose the Party Line over Me and My Right To Select My Preferred Leadership. Towing the Party Line isn't the CHANGE we want. It's the Status Quo we're goddamn sick of.

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